About Frankies


About US

We are BBQ. outside the box

We pride ourselves on being different from everyone else.

We love creating custom menus and going above and beyond to help make your special day unforgettable.

The Founders

Frankie’s has been a dream of Jen and I (Frank!) for the last 15 years. We took our time in perfecting the art of barbecue and use it as a platform for unique and flavorful dishes. Three years ago we moved to Portland, Oregon to engulf ourselves into the foodie culture it is known for. We quickly acquired the appreciation for not only the intricate process of creating something special, but also locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

Being a lover of all things barbecue, I really felt the need to separate myself from the typical regional BBQ stereotype. I consider my style of barbecue Craft; creating the best barbecue possible without restrictions or following regional traditions. Blending my style of craft barbecue with non-traditional dishes ensures a truly unique experience with countless menu options for our guests.

Born and raised south of Spokane, I wanted to bring my portrayal of the Portland food culture to Spokane, Washington. We proudly partner with local businesses to provide our customers with the best experience possible. You will taste the amount of love we put into our food.