About Us


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At Frankie’s we specialize in the art of Craft Barbecue.  We focus on the use of hand selected, fresh, local, in-season ingredients to create unique high quality barbecue. Our quality-first mentality guarantees an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 





Frankie’s has been a dream of ours for the last 15 years. We took our time in perfecting the art of craft barbecue and it shows in our food. Three years ago we moved to Portland, Oregon to engulf ourselves into the foodie culture Portland is known for. We quickly acquired the appreciation for not only the intricate process of creating something special, but also locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

Bringing some of that culture to Spokane is very important to us. We make everything in house and always source out the freshest, local ingredients. You will taste the amount of love we put into our food.